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Current PRs
1 mile: 6:37 - Summer 2014
5k: 23:46 (7:39/mi) - Summer 2014
8k: 40:44 (8:12/mi) - Fall 2014
10k: 50:37 (8:08/mi) - Spring 2015
10 miles: 1:26:41 (8:40/mi) - Summer 2016
Half Marathon: 1:56:10 (8:52/mi) - Summer 2016
Marathon: TBD

Progressions (firsts and fastest):
Half Marathon
First: 1:59:48, Downtown River Run, April 2014
Fastest: 1:56:10, The San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon, July 2016

First: 54:38, Scheel's Turkey Trot, November 2013
Fastest: 50:37, Downtown River Run, April 2015

First: 43:19, RGJ Journal Jog, September 2013
Fastest: 40:44, RGJ Journal Jog, September 2014

First: 30:33, Leprechaun Race, March 2013
Fastest: 23:46, Run for Kaleo, August 2014

First: ~10:30 (back in high school, wasn't really trying) ~2001
Fastest: 6:37, Truckee Firecracker Mile, July 2014


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